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Persian Pearls

As a family-owned business with Danish registration, we are committed to delivering the finest and most luxurious caviar from the Caspian Sea. Our locations in Iran, Denmark, and Australia enable us to oversee the entire production process, from breeding to delivery, ensuring that we provide our customers with the highest quality caviar at competitive prices. At our core, we prioritize reliability, and we take pride in delivering our caviar to you with guaranteed freshness and exceptional taste. Our passion for caviar is reflected in our attention to detail, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every bite of our caviar is a truly unforgettable experience.

100% Guarantee in terms of quality and taste

As part of the service of our company, we are present both locally in Iran and in Denmark in order to ensure our customers the best quality at the best possible price. We are happy to set up a demonstration and tasting of our product, which we can fully guarantee in terms of quality and taste

Gordon Ramsay

“The Iranians have the better quality controls because their political system is more stable. Also, the sturgeons in the south of the Caspian Sea are larger and not subject to overfishing”

David Morgan

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is the best of the bunch in the Caspian. They’re doing a good job of regulation. The labelling of tins is such you can trace caviar back to the fisherman who caught it.”

Eric Ripert

“When you’re tasting wild Iranian caviar at its best, it’s something unbelievable”

Why Choose US

Our product is of first-class quality


Our prices are competitive compared to other similar products on the market

We import directly from the Iranian supplier, thus circumventing expensive intermediaries

We are present at the manufacturer in Iran to ensure quality and shipping

We want a direct collaboration with the customer and guarantee quality and price

We offer a tasting before you make the decision to cooperate with us.

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